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In December, WILSoc and PPESoc hosted a panel discussion with Dr Chris Dietz, Haryati Mohammed and Andrea Morter. The discussion hoped to raise awareness of the need for stronger, more comprehensive inclusivity initiatives within the University space and general workplace, as well as gauge an understanding as to the current academic literature surrounding the issue.


The discussion aimed to promote further discourse amongst students on gender recognition within the academic space, and explain why it is imperative to continuously seek a better understanding of inclusivity and how, as future leaders within politics and beyond, we may implement EDI initiatives within our own circles.


We covered a variety of topics, from the concept of feminine identity and how this may be displayed in the workplace, to what mechanisms we could use to break down gender stereotypes. The conversation developed into an analysis of societal prejudice towards transgender women, to both an institutional and individual degree.


Due to camera faults, we were unable to record the full discussion, but parts of the conversation have been transcribed and added to this document for you to read.


Please note that the transcribed speech is not quoted for the purposes of brevity, however, still retains the message that the speaker communicated.



This discussion is part of a wider discourse surrounding inclusion and empowerment in the Women in Leadership Society. The Journal, which contains some of this discussion, is set to be released next week.


If you would like to find out more, follow our social media accounts to stay updated. We are @luuwils on Instagram, or contact our email (address your message to Inclusion Officer).

Thank you for reading, 

WILS Inclusion Officer

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